31Posts: WordPress Channel Setup

14. February 2015 Tips & Tricks 0
Connect to a WordPress Site: WordPress Channel Set-up   What would you need? User-Name and password  with authoring rights for the desired target WordPress Site Admin rights to 31Posts Summary One of the most used features of 31Posts is the ability to create and scheduled WordPress content.     This article explains how to setup a WordPress ...

v1n6 – Release

27. January 2015 Update Log 0
2015-01-27 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1n6 (beta) FIXED: Posting to WordPress blog appears in the future Corrected COMPLETED: In viewEntry, ability to enter a tittle for the post (WordPress and Tumblr – Ignore in Twitter COMPLETED: On IE11: calendar days are too tall/ display box off (Working on FF & Chrome!) 2015-01-25 23:55 COMPLETED ...

v1n – Release

18. January 2015 Update Log 0
2015-01-18 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1n (ALPHA) Reorganized Admin menu. Added Tutorial / Overview Pages Separated bitly parameters from functions into include file. Allow include file Removed top ekalendaro logo for instances. Added Powered by eKalendaro in footer Added a Global Admin Site (Not inside the app)

v1m – Release

13. January 2015 Update Log 0
2015-01-13 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1m (ALPHA) COMPLETED:Added WordPress channel posting routine. COMPLETED: Ability to shorten the URL. (as entered) (will be used to track click counts) COMPLETED:Added Bit.ly URL Shortner for all URLs. Enabled: After an entry has been published do not allow to edit/delete FIXED: Private notes should only be seeing by ...

v1k – Release

11. January 2015 Update Log 0
2015-01-11 23:55 COMPLETED ======================= Updated to rev: 1k (ALPHA) Fixed backup routine ( mySQLDUMP was not working) fixed issue with database backup routine fixed bug:with todo and system file edit// Added demo version code handling fixed bug: Admin: Edit History File and System Message: Once saved, it goes back to “parameter not found” — Should ...

v1f – Release

08. January 2015 Update Log 0
2015-01-08 23:55 ————————————- Version 1f released Settled on a name: eKalendaro Multiple small incremental format improvements Multiple improvements to core functionality Added available channel Links Added logic for demo mode.