31Posts: Tumblr Channel Setup

Connecting 31Posts to a Tumblr account


1. Log into Tumblr,

  • using the account you want to allow 31posts integration.


2. Register your site as an application on Tumblr application registration page

  • Click on the Register Application Button
  • Enter  application name:   31posts Integration
  • Enter  Application Website : 31Posts.com
  • Leave App Store URL and Google Play Store URL:  BLANK (empty)
  • Under Application description, enter:  31Posts integration
  • Under Decfault Call back channel, enter: http://yoursitename.31posts.com
  • Scroll down and Click on Register button.




The new 31posts application will be showing, and Application Keys will be generated

  • OAuth consumer key:
  • OAuth consumer secret:

TumblrSetup_007Now Click on Explore API,  then click on Allow,  and you will see the rest of the keys needed:

  • Token
  • Token Secret

3. If not already done, in a New Window, login to your 31Posts instance as an administrator.

  • Go to Admin Tools, select Channel Table Maintenance
  • Select Add a new channel, and for each field  enter information as follows:
    • ID Auto field. no need to enter anything
      Name Enter a short descriptive name for the channel:  ie:  Tumblr( YourBlogname )
      Description: Enter a longer description of the channel
      Channel API Select Tumblr
      Channel View Link URL for your Tumblr Blog: ie:  https://yourblog.tumblr.com
      Active Yes
      Comments Open Optional data field

4. Now enter the Tumblr keys above into 31posts channel; setup:

  • Copy Tumblr’s consumer_key to the Consumerkey  field in 31Posts
  • Copy Tumblr’s consumer_secret to the Secretkey  field in 31Posts
  • Copy Tumblr’s  token  to the Access token  field in 31Posts
  • Copy Tumblr’s  token_secret to the Access token secret field in 31Posts
  • Click on SAVE


You have now setup your Tumblr channel!



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