31Posts: WordPress Channel Setup

14. February 2015 Tips & Tricks 0

Connect to a WordPress Site: WordPress Channel Set-up


What would you need?

  • User-Name and password  with authoring rights for the desired target WordPress Site
  • Admin rights to 31Posts


One of the most used features of 31Posts is the ability to create and scheduled WordPress content.     This article explains how to setup a WordPress blog as a channel.


Setup Steps

  1. Create a username and password   in your WordPress Site for which 31Posts will be posting as.   If you want to use an existing author account that is ok!
  2. Login to 31Posts application using your adminitrator’s account.
  3. Go into the Admin Pannel by clicking on the top right menu admin icon.
  4. Go to Channel Administration selection
  5. Add a new Channel
  6. Enter your credentials
  7. Make sure your channel is Active
  8. You are setup!

Testing your setup:

  1. Go to 31Posts Home Calendar Screen
  2. You will see your channel icon at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Click on the channel icon and see if it takes you to your WordPress site. (If so it is working!)
  4. Click on Add new entry
  5. Enter some test / sample content
  6. Click on Publish Now
  7. Click on Save/Publish Now
  8. Click on your WordPress channel icon.   It will open in a new window, and your content should be there.


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